Karen Pryor Clicker Training (KPCT)

Karen Pryor Clicker Training (KPCT)

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Founded in 2001, Karen Pryor Clicker Training  (KPCT) is a leader in the field of animal training and a recognized world leader in the science and application of maker-based positive reinforcement, or what is often called "clicker training."

The company believes passionately in the power of the clicker training approach to enrich the lives of pet owners, animal professionals, and the animals they live with, work with, or study.

We use our expertise to:

  • Build strong bonds between people and the animals in their lives.
    Many people think of training as an end point. We don't. Our training method is a means to the end of a strong bond between people and the animals in their care. In fact, the essence of clicker training is a system of communication that allows people and animals to get as close to talking as possible; some people say it is better than talking because it's so efficient!
  • Help people attain specific goals that support having animals in their lives.
    We help people accomplish a variety of important specific goals. For example, we have helped countless new dog owners raise great family dogs, we have helped animal behaviorists develop a tiger enrichment program, and we have helped search and rescue canine teams hone their training skills.
  • Enrich the lives of the animals and the people who care for them and work with them.
    We help people rethink what's possible, to formulate goals and achieve them. Clicker training enables people and animals to do more with and for each other. Our work with animal shelters is a good example. For instance, kennels at animal shelters are usually very noisy. We show people how to transform a bark-filled, stressful kennel into a calm, quiet environment, reducing stress in the lives of both the animals and the shelter volunteers. Now others are teaching this skill at shelters
  • across the country.
  • Help professional trainers and other animal professionals succeed.
    We publish, produce, and help market the works and services of skilled animal professionals committed to positive training techniques.