The singularity of thought BLUE HEALING MEDITATION!!


The singularity of thought BLUE HEALING MEDITATION!!

  Meditate yourself into a state of tranquility relaxation and peace of mind!

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please read the following article prior to reviewing the meditation guidelines.

4 Meditation Techniques that Can Improve Awareness and Mental Health

  Meditation has been shown to improve quality of life promote health, enhance self-awareness, improve sleep, and many other benefits because it involves activating your vital energies,

But what is the singularity of thought? The "SINGULARITY OF a term coined by B.E. starlight in his book Auraman the Beginning.

IT is a convergence point whereas a SINGLE FOCUSED thought and energy merge to become ONE... a distinctness of clarity that bends reality to your will..., impacting it in unimaginable ways.

The singularity of thought meditation is designed to enable you to tap into your INNER MAGICAL CHILD and induce miracles into your reality;

It is suffused with potent binaural sounds to stimulate and connect with your inner being for the purpose of manifesting anything you want.

This Audiovisual embeds a powerful subliminal booster to ensure the delivery of effective results for the practitioner.

it is a subconscious work, as subliminal sounds are not "understood" directly through your mind, hence your consciousness won't be able to pick it up to deny this affirmation, instead, It is your subconscious mind that "takes over" and controls it, by accepting it more and more till it transforms into your reality.

About the color blue

This spiritual color is also the color of the sky and sea. Blue is an important healing color as it is linked with calm and serenity. It is relaxing for the mind and body. It is associated with organs like eyes, ears, and nose and involved with the senses of smell, sight, and sound.

Meditation/ Dream: Blue is the energy of pacification, self-protection, sweetness and tenderness, and of loyalty. It represents contentment and reunion with the Earth.

Aura: Blue in the aura represents a teacher or a very sensitive person. They are kind and caring and will do much to help others grow.

Healing: Cooling, calming, restructuring of the etheric level, taking away pain when doing deep tissue work and work on bone cells. Blue also helps to expand a person's field to connect to his/her life task.



Headphones are not required Let the beat fill your room with its intoxicating vibration.

Sit comfortably, in front of your TV.(or any other screen) Breathe deeply and slowly DO NOT MOVE!

Breathe deeply and GAZE INTO THE SCREEN FOCUS YOUR STARE AT THE MOVING IMAGE and let the beats put you into a meditative state.

"DE materialize "yourself completely INSIDE THE SCREEN.

Empty your mind and fuse your " essence" with the VORTEX Imagine as if you are being SWALLOWED BY its motion while its energy seeps through your AURA and charging it WITH INTENSE HEALING POWER

Become ONE with the VORTEX as you "DISSOLVE" INTO its sparkling rays of LIGHT

Achieve"SINGULARITY OF THOUGHT" AS YOU IMPRINT YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS WITH THE CONCEPT OF calm and serenity while still merged in this starlight's energy.

K N O W & acknowledge that your body is healed and your mind is calm and tranquil.

Enjoy your Meditation

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"Auraman the beginning" by B.E.STARLIGHT 


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